Welcome to Newgrange

Newgrange is a nonprofit organization celebrating 35 years of success in educating people with learning and related disabilities. Newgrange offers three resources, including two schools for students with learning disabilities, plus our Education Center.

The Laurel School of Princeton – Opened September 2012!

The Laurel School of Princeton is a new opportunity for students in grades 1 – 8 who have dyslexia and closely-related learning disabilities.  The new school features small group instruction, plus a combination of time-test methods and the latest research-based approaches to instruction.  This new school is organized on an independent, private placement format. Open houses and screenings are scheduled. Click above Laurel School tab for more information.

Newgrange School, Hamilton, NJ

Newgrange School serves students with language-based as well as non-verbal learning disabilities who are between the ages of 7 and 21. This is a NJ Department of Education-Approved School for Children with Disabilities, and is focused on the fulfillment of individual education programs, ultimately including transition to post-graduate opportunities. Established teaching methodologies plus innovative programs help set students on a path to success.

The Newgrange Education Center, Princeton, NJ

The Newgrange Education Center serves people of all ages with language-based learning disabilities, providing tutoring, consultations, educational evaluations, teacher training and more. Click on the Education Center Info button for additional information.

Click here for Tutoring, Consultations, Evaluation, or Training.