Since 1991, The Newgrange Education Center, recently re-named The Ann Robinowitz Education Center has been a leader in providing education evaluations and reading screenings for children with learning disabilities.

Our Executive Director, Dr. Gordon F. Sherman and our Director of Education Deardra Rosenberg saw a need for a place in the special education community where parents could have their children tested and receive a diagnosis in order to help families plan for the present and future. Research consistently shows that the sooner learning disabilities are identified and addressed, the better the chances are of overcoming them. Early educational evaluation, when a very young student first shows signs of struggle or challenge in learning, can provide some critical advantages. Because educational evaluation looks past comparative benchmarks to assess individual performance, it can focus attention on potential issues including genetic and environmental factors affecting the ability to learn. Educational evaluation can also rule out other mitigating factors that may mimic but not necessarily indicate the presence of learning disabilities including dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, or other ASDs. Early educational evaluation also officially documents the identification and history of learning disabilities in order to demonstrate key eligibility requirements for special education services, benefits, and accommodations.

Evaluation for Dyslexia at The Ann Robinowitz Education Center

Because students with dyslexia can still score within acceptable ranges on some standard language skill tests, the more nuanced indicators of dyslexia or other NVLDs they present are often missed. Educational evaluation for dyslexia at The Ann Robinowitz Education Center goes further than simple screening. Two International Dyslexia Association-approved educational diagnosticians, Susan Miller and Deardra Rosenberg, lead the Center’s well-trained staff. We use standardized and non-standardized evaluative methods to thoroughly understand and better diagnose a student’s unique academic and cognitive challenges. Our Educational Consultants, Deardra Rosenberg and Susan Miller lead the Center’s well trained staff and can recommend how to tailor a program of interventions and support to fit and enhance that profile. The evaluative process factors in background and history alongside multiple fundamental performance assessments to draw as accurate a picture as possible of a student’s verbal and nonverbal language skill set.

We invite you to explore the Education Center menu above for additional information. To schedule an educational evaluation, please contact Susan Miller, MA, LDT-C, Coordinator of Educational Services, at (609) 688-1280, ext. 215, or via email at

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