Newgrange Students Participate in Mercer County’s “Dare to Dream” Leadership Conference

Dare to Dream
Newgrange Students “How to Throw a Great Party !”

The Office of Special Education is proud to sponsor regional Dare to Dream Student Leadership conferences that highlight the importance of student self-advocacy and leadership. Each conference features presentations from accomplished students and adults with disabilities who have demonstrated exemplary self-advocacy and leadership skills. Additionally, the conference program includes a variety of concurrent breakout sessions that provide conference attendees opportunities to gain insight into the transition and self-advocacy process. Students participate in workshops led by their peers who are developing their own self-advocacy and leadership skills. Workshop topics include goal setting, self-discovery, student self-advocacy, and planning your future. The Dare to Dream Student Leadership conferences have long been a positive and empowering experience for thousands of New Jersey’s students.

Newgrange did a breakout session: “How to Throw a Great Party!” – This workshop offered step by step instructions and tips for how to plan and host a great party! Attendees learned how to invite guests, choose music and activities, decorate, plan for food and drink, and get the conversation going! As part of the program they talked about how important social skills are to throwing a party and how it is a good and fun way to practice them!