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Music At Newgrange

The Music Program at Newgrange is an academic-based program which is integrated with other studies. Students in all grades receive instruction in General Music two to three times each week, depending on grade level. The General Music course sometimes involves singing and instrumentation, however, it is not a performance-based class, but rather an academic course that focuses on listening and the historical context of music.

When students study the Colonial period in American history, they make their own Colonial instruments in General Music; when they learn about world cultures, they simultaneously explore world music; and when they learn about Westward Expansion, they delve into the music of the American Southwest and “Americana” movement, which is best exemplified by Aaron Copland.

The Music Program includes an elective class of “Digital Audio.” The class encompasses the use of GarageBand, LogicPro, FL Studio, and ProTools. These programs are also used in general music classes to aid in composition.

Elective opportunities in music include:

Digital Audio: Students are given the opportunity to enroll in an elective course for composing and producing music.

Chorus: In the fall, students participate in the school chorus, which culminates in the annual holiday concert.

School Play: In the spring, students put their acting, singing, and dancing skills to the test by participating in a musical production, performed at the Spring Fine Arts Night.

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