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Social Studies

Interactive Social Studies Curriculum

Newgrange provides our students with a comprehensive Social Studies program starting at the elementary school level and continues into middle school and high school.  The elementary school social studies program starts with learning about communities and progresses with New Jersey history and the Lenape Indians at the fourth grade level, continuing on with states, their capitals and the different regions of the country.  Elementary school rounds out its program with United States History.  In the middle grades the focus is on World History.  It covers World History I, which spans from the Paleolithic Age to the fall of the Roman Empire.  World History II covers beginning of the Dark Ages and ends with the Modern Age.

History in the High School involves three courses: World Cultures, United States History I, and United States History II. The curriculum in all three courses adheres to the Core Curriculum Standards. World Cultures examines various cultures throughout the world.  Topics such as geography, economy, religion, history, daily life, and international relations are covered for a variety of world locales. U.S. History I covers the time period from the first European settlements in North America through the onset of the U. S. Civil War. A great deal of focus is placed on the time period encompassing the Revolutionary War and the writing of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  U.S. History II picks up where U.S. I leaves off and covers the time period up to events in the middle of the Twentieth Century.

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