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Other Programs and Classes

Other Programs and Classes


Technology at the Newgrange School is integrated into the classroom, as well as occurring once or twice per week in a student’s schedule. The curriculum includes the key concepts needed to be an effective digital citizen in the community and the world. The idea of technology integration includes: teaching about technology, teaching while using technology, applying technology in meaningful and authentic ways and encouraging students to become life long learners. 

Financial Literacy

This course is state mandated for all high school students and is typically competed during 12th grade. Topics covered are income, managing money, saving and investing, and credit and debt with financial risk management. 

The Flex Class Program

The Newgrange School offers all of our students an opportunity to participate in an extracurricular program which we call the Flex Class. This class gives students a chance to ‘flex’ some of their non-traditional, non-academic strengths. Twice a week students are involved in such diverse activities as a chess club, art projects, the school’s choir, our annual musical, creative writing, abstract painting, creating iMovies, using technology to create designs, studying the inner workings of professional and college level sports, interacting socially through activities on the Nintendo Wii, community service projects such as creating toys for dogs and cats kept at a local animal shelter. Each class is run by a classroom teacher and the selection of classes comes from staff and student ideas. The selection changes with each marking period so over the course of a school year students can participate in up to four different activities. The primary focus of the Flex Class program is to give students a chance to be creative, to discover new strengths and talents, and to reaffirm the fact that each and every one of our students is a successful and productive person.

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