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Special Programs

Special Programs At Newgrange

The Laurel School offers a range of special subject and programs for dyslexic students. Our expert teachers use a small group setting to allow each student to receive individualized attention.

Special Programs Curriculum

Non-Verbal Learning Disorders

The Newgrange School operates one of the few local institutions that are qualified to teach pupils with Asperger’s Syndrome and other Autism Spectrum Disorders. This program is designed to emphasize social skills in the context of a strong academic curriculum. Our team of multidisciplinary professionals has a ten-year track record of helping enrolled students achieve their goals.

Transitions Program

It is important to provide children at schools for learning disabilities with strong, coordinated planning for their life after graduation. To assist in this key challenge, our Transitions Program involves students with a variety of classes, assessments, and student support opportunities that help future graduates to consider and design a plan for their careers and/or college. The focus is on the individual’s personal strengths, interests, and needs, along with a strong emphasis on developing goals.

Occupational Therapy

Young learners are aided to work through barriers which can limit classroom participation in our occupational therapy programs. Therapists develop activities aimed at helping students learn motor skills to use the necessary classroom tools. Additional emphasis is placed on organizational skills, social skills, and self-regulation, all taught in the context of activities both in and out of the classroom.


A team of certified Speech-Language Pathologists helps students learn language, communication, and social skills. Each learner is approached individually in order to help identify and overcome obstacles with a goal of integration into the classroom and, after graduation, the community. Services can be provided one on one, in a small group setting, or with in-class support.

Other Programs and Classes

In order to aid learners in gaining valuable skills, we offer Technology, Financial Literacy, and Flex classes. The Technology curriculum provides instruction in keyboarding, office software, creative projects, and problem-solving skills. Our Financial Literacy program teaches fundamental concepts through classroom instruction and a student-run popcorn business. Flex classes provide learners with the opportunity to explore non-academic interests. Past offerings have included art projects, chess club, sports, graphic design, and more.

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