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Speech & Language

Speech/Language At Newgrange

The Speech/Language Department at The Newgrange School consists of a team of certified Speech-Language Pathologists who assess, plan and implement speech and language programs for students with communication needs.  Some of the skills addressed during speech and language services include pragmatic language, social skills, articulation, phonological awareness, auditory processing, vocabulary development, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, fluency, voice, written expression, critical thinking, and oral expression.  Our Speech-Language Pathologists utilize evidence based intervention approaches for each student.  Video modeling, role-playing and social stories are also incorporated to encourage increased self-awareness and carryover of skills.

The focus of the speech and language program is to provide students with the language, communication, and social skills necessary for both academic achievement and successful transition into the community.  Based upon the individual’s needs, services include individual services, small group, in-class support and consultation.  Ongoing collaboration with the teachers, students, parents, occupational therapists, and staff is essential for the success of each student. Smart boards, laptops and iPads are utilized in sessions to incorporate technology with learning.  The Independent Living Studio at The Newgrange School is also utilized during sessions for carryover of skills with hands-on functional activities.

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