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Curriculum for Special Education Schools in NJ


The Newgrange School is one of the best special education schools in NJ as well as one of the top schools for children on the autism spectrum. Here at Newgrange, we follow Core Curriculum Standards as prescribed by the State’s Department of Education. Our language arts, math, social studies, and science programs are specialized, fun & interactive for each and every student.

Students at Newgrange receive eighty minutes of language arts class on a daily basis broken into two periods, each of which are taught by certified and highly qualified instructors. Our language arts teachers are trained and certified in research-based multisensory reading and writing programs, including Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading, Developing Metacognitive Skills and other leading methodologies. These programs are specifically designed for students with difficulties in language, communication and other special needs.

Newgrange math classes are scheduled in forty minute periods. Each student receives personal attention and guidance in their classes. Students are placed in courses according to their math skill levels. Newgrange high school students are offered a wide-range of courses including algebra and geometry as well as consumer math to the complexities of algebra 2, pre-calculus, calculus and financial literacy. Our math program is suited according to your child’s needs and abilities. At Newgrange we equip our students with the fundamental tools necessary to succeed and flourish as they enter the business or academic world. We view children with special needs as having special talents.

Your children at Newgrange will receive top quality education from expert instructors. Our “inquiry-based” science curriculum is taught by two Ph.D. level teachers. Students in science courses will learn according to Next Generation Science Standards. We offer interactive laboratory science classes and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs to high school students. We carefully monitor each student’s progress and innovative capabilities. All science classes are forty minutes long five days a week.

When looking for a special needs school in NJ, choose Newgrange. Our school boasts highly qualified and certified teachers; specialized courses and innovative tools that will help your child learn according to his/her needs.

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