The Newgrange School


The Newgrange School follows the Core Curriculum Standards as prescribed by the State of New Jersey Department of Education.  Here are some Highlights:

All Students at Newgrange receive eighty minutes of Language Arts instruction daily during two class periods by expert instructors who are trained and certified in research base multisensory reading and writing programs specifically designed for Students with Language based learning difficulties programs.

Math is scheduled for forty five minute periods per week per student and are placed according to their calculation and math skill levels.  For High School students our course offerings vary form Algebra and Geometry concepts and Consumer math to the complexities of Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1 and Financial Literacy.

Inquiry learning is the basis of the Newgrange Science Curriculum, which is supported by expert Doctors of Science and staff in conjunction with Connect Ed Science Consortium through Princeton University and Rider University.  Newgrange offers laboratory sciences to all high school students.  Science class is conducted five days for 40 minutes.

For a full description of our academic programs, please visit the links below:

Language Arts

Physical Education, Health, Drivers Ed
Social Studies
Other Programs and Classes

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