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Twice-Exceptional Pilot Program

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The Newgrange School (Laurel Education Group) is pleased to announce that starting September
2023, it will be launching a pilot program for twice exceptional learners. The Newgrange School is a
state-approved private school for children with disabilities and special needs. It features small class
sizes led by highly-trained, caring teachers, in which students are grouped by ability versus
chronological age. School leadership identified early on a small subset of students who were twice
exceptional (intellectually-gifted with one or more co-occurring disabilities), and committed itself to
building a successful environment to meet the needs of this extraordinary population.

The Newgrange School 2e Leadership Team is comprised of administrators James Sheeley, Amy
Deutsch and Dana Morris, and teachers Julia Parada and Monica Bruder, who are currently
completing coursework on the Schoolwide Enrichment Model through the Renzulli Center for
Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development. Staff Developer Allison Park was recently
named NJAGC’s 2023 Parent of the Year.

In addition to professional learning and development, The Newgrange School maintains a strong
school-wide focus on building character and community. Every day at school is a new adventure in
which students enjoy a multisensory environment that is academically rigorous and nurtures the
development of the whole child.